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one spelling error away from a dangerous restaurant name.

lavagna is in the east village, which is a neighborhood i usually tried to avoid ever since seeing the movie men in black two. the movie was only notable for two reasons: the return of julie ‘the cat’ gaffney as the emo chick next to david cross and it informed me that the ev is the only safe place in manhattan for extraterrestrials to hang out during the day. while i love extraterrestrials conceptually, i dont feel any need to actually come in contact with one. but we went at night and had no awkward alien encounters. it was quite literally, all good in the hood. we had heard great things about lavagna, but no one had yet been.

while the name is one vowel away from being the funniest restaurant name ever and making me giggle for days on end, the food was ace. even the rigatoni dish, while seemingly simple, was awesomesauce.

cramped and loud, but well worth the trip. good wine list and when we pulled the manager aside to solicit advice on the selection, he turned excellent sommelier and brought out the perfect bottle of red, with our price range in mind, to finish out the meal.

lavagna is a sick little italian joint. check it out.